810, 2020

Reading for a Better Future

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Nowadays, reading seems to be out-dated for the existing generation especially in Indonesia. People do not favour reading as a […]

2104, 2020

Essay Writing and College Admission Services

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Essay Writing and College Admission Services – Proof read your important documents.

“Can a dynamic and effective admissions essay and C.V. […]

2104, 2020

Essay Writing Service Jakarta

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International Admission Rates to U.S. Colleges are at an All-Time Low!
“International students need to realize that they can’t simply look […]

2104, 2020

Presentation Training – Spread Your Message

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Every presenter wants their ideas to spread. After all you most probably benefit if more and more people know about […]

1704, 2020

Private English Lessons Online Jakarta

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Nowadays with COVID-19 Indonesians are discovering the true value of Private English Lessons Online using one of the many platforms […]

2607, 2019

English Report Writing Follow These Steps

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Organize Your Report:

English Report Writing follow these steps If you’ve ever created a piece of writing, whether an e-mail, […]

1907, 2019

The Old “Practice Makes Perfect” Never Gets Old – How To Stick with It

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Learning English is hard, especially if it is not your mother tongue. It is completely normal to struggle and make […]

1207, 2019

Preparing Effective English Presentations

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Preparing Effective English Presentations, in the corporate world, you often need to make presentations to accomplish your business goals. The […]

1007, 2019

No More, “Saya Malu, Sir.”

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Hi, I am Andrew, and I know many ways to help you with English. But in most of the exercises, […]

207, 2019

Customer Service English Training Program

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Methodology Review

Sessions consist of a variety of different communicative tasks in order to motivate students and maximize learning.
These included:

Each lesson […]

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