English Today provide a fun and interesting way to improve your English quickly called English Club. We have face to face English Club and English Club Online. The main objective of this class is practicing speaking skills while making English Speaking Friends.

All lessons are based on the Cambridge CEFR standard learning materials and are delivered by both local and foreign teachers. 

English Club Online

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 many companies have taken English Club Online. With Zoom our teachers put students in small groups into breakout rooms to promote conversation practice. In addition learners have the ability to record the Zoom sessions and review them after each session.

1. Topic : Folktales

English Club

  • 1 word, 1 person storytime
  • In small groups, tell Indonesian folktales
  • Act the folktales out

2. Topic : Death by Powerpoint

English Club

  • Visual Quiz
  • Audio Quiz
  • Can you master the Psychological Quiz

3. Topic : Spot the Werewolf

English Club

  • The most populer class game in the world
  • Ask hard questions
  • Master the poker-face

4. Topic : How Deep is your Love

English Club

  • Money is better than love
  • 2 team play-off
  • Beat the opposition: Claim the prize

5. Topic : Technology

English Club

  • Best inventions of all time
  • Technology friend or foe?
  • Future is now