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“Can a dynamic and effective admissions essay and C.V. really increase my chances to get into a world-renowned university?”

“Most schools limit the international student population to 10 percent of the overall class. Even though colleges don’t admit to quotas, these numbers don’t vary much year to year, so they are what I would call virtual quotas. If you look at a school that has a 20 percent overall admissions rate, the admit rate for international students is likely to be closer to 5 percent—not to mention the fact that international students compete with other international students from 80-plus different countries, plus their own country. Schools might receive 300 applicants from China and then accept two or three.” – (Source:

In short, the answer is ‘absolutely!’ You’ve been spending your entire life preparing for this. You’ve excelled in all your classes and you’ve done service for your community. Lately, you’ve been working ridiculous hours preparing for your SAT and your TOEFL exam. You should be proud of yourself—you’ve managed to achieve what very few before you have.

The final step before the next stage of your journey is the application process. You’ve received the application packages from your schools of choice, you open the envelope—and it feels like someone has hit you over the head with a brick. Admissions essays. Surveys. Questionnaires. Curriculum Vitae. Each college you’ve applied to is requesting an insane amount of material.

This material may seem unimportant compared to the twelve years of schooling you’ve just completed and all the accomplishments you’ve achieved. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. This material will be their first glimpse at your writing style. They will be looking for grammar, organizational skills, vocabulary, and in general just how well you can present yourself.

At English Today, we can help you with this—whether you want proofreading for material you have written or help writing it from the ground up so you can concentrate on the SAT, ACT, and TOEFL. We can create a dynamic, professionally formatted C.V. that will help you stand out above your competitors. We can write an admissions essay that will show every college you apply to what a unique and talented individual you really are. Contact us today—we can help.