Learning Business English in Jakarta is Easy

Learning business English in Jakarta is easy if you know where to find the right course. A lot of schools will promise you effective Business English classes but what they give you is just a lot of theory. A lot of this theory will have absolutely zero application in real working life and what commonly then happens is that, rather than gaining proficiency in work English, students actually lose confidence thinking the fault is with them.

How are we different?

At English Today we have put a lot of effort in refining our Business English style. We focus on materials and strategies that compliment real-world English, work English that you need to know, rather than generic theories you will never use, or even know how to use. Our teachers are passionate about Business English because we live and breathe business, it’s in our blood.

Let me show you how we are different. How many English schools in Jakarta teach you English while also teaching you how to engage your (potential customer) audience? This is a big, big topic and this is something everybody needs to learn how to do when they are learning Business English. Sure, you can learn grammar, no problem, but is that grammar also going to teach you how to engage with your client audience? Of course not!

Real skills, not just theory!

The real world Business English skills we teach you not only show you how to engage potential client audiences but we show you the language that says you ‘care’ about that audience. Whether you know it or not, whether you are a business owner or just an employee, you are being reviewed 24/7 so you need to become part of your own narrative. If you don’t have the language skills to direct that narrative you are going to fall behind or you are going to let other people write that narrative for you. Take back control with your own Business English skills.

Engage your customer.

If you are doing business online then engaging with you audience can be broken down into three main methods:

  • Answer questions
  • Join/start conversations
  • Provide value with content

Can your English language trainer provide you with those skills now? Do you have the confidence to start tackling these three methods?

Remember that when you are building your career or building your business, it’s all about the people and never about the numbers. People need communication; strong Business English communication. Let us help you reach out to those people and show you another way to learn Business English in Jakarta.

Business English Jakarta

English Today offer many different Business English training modules for ESP ( English for Specific Purposes) programs

  • English for the Fashion Industry
  • English for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • English for Sales
  • English for Negotiation
  • English for Meetings
  • English for Law
  • English for the Oil and Gas Industry
  • English for Flight Attendants
  • English for Presentations
  • English for Business Reports
  • English for E-mails