Private English Classes

Private English Classes

English Today provides Private English Classes that are tailored to your needs so you get better results in less time. Private English lessons are extremely effective because the teacher can quickly identify your weaknesses and strengthen them. They are also very convenient as you can set your own schedule and study at a time that is convenient to you.

Training Needs Analysis (T.N.A)

Private English Classes

English Today will conduct a Training Needs Analysis so we can design an outline that focuses on the topics you wish to discuss and the skills you need to develop. This is why you can get better results in less time with English Today because we focus on your interests and needs to make sure you enjoy the process.

Face to Face Private English Lessons

Private English Classes

We send our teachers to your home or office so you don’t waste time in traffic, or, if you prefer, another popular option is private online English lessons using ZOOM

Online Private English Classes

Private English Classes

Since the outbreak of Covid 19 this option has exploded in popularity. English Today uses Zoom and Microsoft Teams for small online group and private English classes. For more information on online English options visit English Today Online

Reverse 80/20 Teaching Method

Private English Classes

English Today uses a unique teaching method which focuses on you speaking for 80% of the time and your teacher only speaking for 20% of time in order to guide and correct your English usage.

  • The usual length of each private online lesson is between 60-90 minutes.
  • Relevant materials which are adjusted to your needs and English level.
  • Programs that vary from Conversation, General English, to Business English.
  • Our Reverse 80-20 teaching method which can effectively motivate you to speak and share your ideas and opinions
  • Undivided attention and instant feedback from a certified and supportive teacher of your choice.
  • Flexible time and easy booking

Private English Classes


100% Local Teacher | 30 Sessions

IDR 5.250.000,-


50% Local Teacher 50% Native Teacher | 30 Sessions

IDR 7.900.000,-


100% Native Teacher | 30 Sessions

IDR 10.500.000,-

Private English Classes