Corporate Climbers Business English

Corporate Climbers Business English

Customized Business English Training Program

English Today’s Corporate Climbers Business English training program is an extremely innovative and interactive based program.

Lead meetings, and negotiate the best deal sell your ideas and inspire your team. You can custom design your own course by choosing the skills and topics you most need to succeed.

Presentation Skills

Corporate Climbers Business English

Tell a story, engage the audience, leave them inspired and sell your product or idea. These modules provide road map for delivery effective presentation.

  • Structure your presentation
  • Grabbing your audience
  • Referring to other points.

Effective Meetings

Corporate Climbers Business English

Nervous in meetings conducted in English? These practical role play oriented training modules provide tools and strategies to build your confidence more quickly.

  • Stating objective
  • Explaining cause abd effect
  • Confirming decision

Email Effectiveness

Corporate Climbers Business English

Not confident in creating and sending emails? These modules help to guide in writing effective and convincing emails. They develop your language skills and inspire your confidence, as well as providing invaluable reference materials.

Report Writing Excellence

Corporate Climbers Business English

Need to create structured and detailed reports? These modules will guide you in implementing a consistent format and process for creating reports.

  • How to appeal to emotions
  • How to write to sell
  • How to create descriptive headlines

Negotiation Skills

Corporate Climbers Business English

Finding it hard to negotiate in English? These modules help you understand the phrases and strategies at negotiation, as well as the specialized language involve in negotiation.

  • Presenting a proposal
  • Expressing possibilities
  • Linking offer to conditions

Socializing Confidence

Corporate Climbers Business English

Feeling nervous and don’t know what to say in social situations? These modules help you communicate confidently and build relationship with collogues and clients.

  • Small talk to business talk
  • Keeping the conversation going
  • Ending the conversation politely.