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Without exception, all great presenters have a passion for their topic and enthusiasm for presenting it. Enthusiasm is contagious and as a result listeners are naturally impacted. The most successful public speakers can always get their message across to the audience. Do you have great ideas that you can’t communicate in English? You are not alone!

Many things contribute to a successful presentation. Unique and relevant content, a clear structure, good use of visual aids and the capability to get a laugh from the audience and finally the clear understanding of your message.

What Kind of Language & Structure Will Make You Convincing?

English Today helps you recognize the main elements used by all effective presenters. The essentials of establishing your theme, structuring your talk and referring to visual aids are covered in the first part of English Today Jakarta’s program.The remaining sections focus on the Speech and Delivery.

As a presenter, the ability to pace and time your speech and to utilize your voice in creating an impression is the single most important ability you need to sell your message. Your message will be more effective if you can control and manage your voice with the use of stress, pauses, intonation, volume and silence.

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