Teaching inspires and in turn teachers are inspired by students. This thing led her to be an English teacher in the first place. Having taught the language since 2006, she can only notice Indonesians generally keep abreast with trends and news. This makes them wonderful discussion partners and interesting to work with. Some areas the students stumble in their efforts to produce good English mainly comprise shifting the use of English structures at ease and making use of varied English vocabulary in their spoken and written work. Under proper guidance she doesn’t see why learners can’t thrive in their language skills and ultimately gain the most benefit from it.

Education Overview

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  • B.Sc Communication studies University of Indonesia
  • D3 Communication Broadcasting University of Indonesia
  • General Introduction to Teaching English training 2013


Key Skills

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  • Business English training
  • Business conversation training
  • Teaching for adults


Insights – with Nona

What kind of teaching technique do you think the most effective way to motivate students skill in speaking?

English teaching has come a long way since students sit and listen to one way communication from the teacher. Nowadays, English teaching is more into communicative approach. This means as many situations will be created so that students can apply their knowledge on speaking exercise to the maximum level. Be it one to one, one to many communication, students will go through a variety of speaking activities which ensures their involvement and participation in class.

What are the obstacles that you often face while you are teaching English?

I believe in the adage when there’s a will there’s a way. I’m fully aware that people work in different pace. Learning as a process might take time and this requires patience. Students need to think of the process as a journey that every turn is a new experience instead of a setback to their progress.

What do you like about your students?

I always find people who want to achieve goals are interesting. The students I come across mostly are
motivated and excited about learning English. This gives me fuel to work with them. I enjoy challenging my students as well myself to get the best outcomes of my work.

What do you do to stimulate students creativity while they’re having an English class?

English skills are not the only things a teacher passes on to students. It would be impossible transferring language skills without introducing a set of system to students. This system could involve strategies to apply when dealing with problems in reading, listening, writing or speaking tasks. What teachers also involved in doing is rousing students’ curiosity in varied topics. In order to answer their interest in the topics, students will need to use the full extent of their knowledge and this will stimulate their creativity.