Indonesian Language Lessons Jakarta

Indonesian Language Lessons Jakarta

Do you have colleagues who are new to Indonesia and want to take an Indonesian language class to help them feel more comfortable and settle into life here? Or do you have more established expat colleagues who need to improve their Indonesian language skills for professional purposes?

Finding a solution is easier than you think we specialise in providing a range of courses and teachers to meet the needs of professional students.

We offer private Indonesian language lessons as well as small group classes depending on your preferences. We are an established provider of Indonesian study programs for employees of multi-national organisations and embassies. We also offer courses for the families of these employees.

We frequently provide courses for beginners aimed at building confidence and fluency in spoken Indonesian by using dialogues based around the most common situations that you will find yourself in whether traveling or on business. We encourage a selection of topics that also encourage some cultural awareness of etiquette in Indonesia.

For students that have some basic Indonesian skills but wish to develop their formal language we provide courses that adopt a more academic and professional approach and build on all four language skills. These courses would be suitable for an expat who wants to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues in a corporate setting.

The real advantage to studying and Indonesian course with English Today is our experience of working with high level professional expats. We are committed to providing a flexible style of lesson as we have a great deal of experience working with international and multi-cultural students. We realise that these students will have their own preferred learning styles and approaches and we consistently strive to meet their needs.

All of our courses follow the internationally recognised levelling system the COMMON EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK OF REFERENCE FOR LANGUAGES (CEFR).

Indonesian Language Lessons Jakarta