80-20 Method

A lot of conventional courses use 80-20 method where students put all of their focus on the teacher. Basically the teacher talks, and the students exclusively listen. During activities, students work alone, and collaboration is discouraged.

80% Teacher Talk Time + 20% Student Talk Time = Not Effective

This method is highly ineffective because:

  • There are not enough interactive activities. Most tasks are done individually so the students
    don’t learn to collaborate with others, and their communication skills may suffer.

  • Teacher-centered instruction can be boring for students. Their minds may wander, and they may miss important facts.

  • This approach doesn’t allow students to express themselves, ask questions, and direct their own learning.

Reverse 80-20

ET’s mission is to activate and motivate students to speak. Our teachers use a unique approach called reverse 80-20. When a classroom operates with student-centered instruction, students and instructors share the focus. Instead of listening to the teacher exclusively, students and teachers interact equally. Group work is encouraged, and students learn to collaborate and communicate with one another.

20% Teacher Talk Time + 80% Student Talk Time = Effective

This method is highly effective because:

  • Students learn important communicative and collaborative skills through group work.
  • Students learn to direct their own learning, ask questions, and complete tasks independently.
  • Students are more interested in learning activities when they can interact with one another and participate actively.