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More than 2 million students take the SAT test every year because it is recognized worldwide by most colleges and university. These institutions use the test to make admission decisions.

The SAT is designed as an aptitude test to measure what you have already learned. Testing this aptitude is one of the initial steps in choosing the right university or college for you. The test is comprised of math, reading and writing tests — everyday high school subjects — and demonstrates your knowledge and your ability to apply that knowledge.

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[title size=”2″]Why Prepare for the SAT with our Specialists?[/title]

We have prepared high school students from all of the top high schools in Jakarta – JIS, BINUS, Global Jaya, High Scope etc – for the SAT exam.

Our SAT specialist are native English speakers who are motivated and highly trained. They will bring an energetic and interactive learning experience to your students.

We know that your students are busy with their heavy academic course loads. Adding SAT prep on top of this can be daunting. Therefore, we bring a very organized approach to the SAT preparation process. We also come to you. Students don’t have to travel away from school to attend special classes.

We also design SAT prep courses to accommodate specific needs. We are flexible in the schedule and in the number of required hours. However, our standard course is designed to give students the time to absorb the material and practice the learned techniques.

By working with us, your institution can give an additional level of service to your students.

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[title size=”2″]SAT Prep Course[/title]

SAT is a standardized test of critical thinking skills used for undergraduate admissions in the USA and other countries such as Singapore. Our course helps your students develop effective test-taking strategies in an interactive setting, keeping them focused and motivated right up to the day of the test. The lesson plan is specifically designed to engage high school students, to use an innovative approach which helps them focus their time on gaining the most points possible. Lively class sessions engage them with confidence building techniques and strategies.

Our course is based on time tested methods of SAT preparation with more than 70 years of experience.

[title size=”2″]Over View[/title]

The standard course meets 1-3 times per week (3-10 hours/week). These interactive sessions teach students the structure of the SAT exam in order to build familiarity and confidence and give them the techniques and strategies to score high.

The course begins with a diagnostic exam to measure each student’s core competency level. This gives the student and the instructor a base line from which to begin and a foundation for setting realistic goals.

During the course, our instructor covers in detail ALL areas of the exam. He places emphasis on the high-point sections and concepts. Students take four proctored practice tests. Each practice test is reviewed with the students in order to point out common mistakes and to identify weak areas. The instructor teaches time management tricks to help students prepare for the real test.

At the end of each meeting, the instructor assigns homework from the lesson covered. This homework is reviewed and discussed not only to show students the correct answers but also to give them confidence in their mastery of the test’s content.

[title size=”2″]Note to Non-Native English Speakers[/title]

The standard course meets 1-3 times per week (3-10 hours/week). These interactive sessions teach students the structure of the SAT exam in order to build familiarity and confidence and give them the techniques and strategies to score high.

Unlike the TOEFL and IELTS, the SAT exam is not a measurement of English language proficiency. The SAT is an aptitude/reasoning test to determine if students can excel at the university level. The assumption is that students are already proficient in the English language.

[title size=”2″]ACT vs SAT[/title]

Check with your prospective school to determine which score is needed. SAT is generally preferred. The tests are different in that SAT is a reasoning test while the ACT tests specific skills. This does not mean that the tests don’t not have many similarities. Both tests are based on material and skills students have covered in their high school curriculum. It is not accurate to characterize one test as being more difficult than the other.

[title size=”2″]SAT Registration[/title]

English Today Jakarta is not a SAT exam service. The exam is conducted by approved proctors at an official SAT exam location. Students must register for the exam online. See the College Board website for more information.

[title size=”2″]SAT College Board[/title]

Use the College Board website to check for SAT exam dates and location and register for the exam. The registration deadline is typically one month before the exam.

[title size=”2″]SAT Test Dates Improve Scores in Jakarta[/title]

Your SAT score does not determine a pass or fail grade. It is an evaluation of the student’s potential in his or her freshman year of university. Each university has its own score requirement. Understanding the SAT admission requirements of your prospective universities is one step in the process of SAT preparation. Check the web sites of your universities to find out what the SAT score requirements are. Not all universities will have a minimum score. Some universities simply want students to take the SAT as an evaluation of the student’s first year potential.

Generally, the College Board report scores 2-3 weeks after exam. These scores are reported to you and to the schools you indicated on the exam form. Please see the College Board website for more information on how scores are handled.

[title size=”2″]Kaplan Method Jakarta[/title]

Our preparation course is based on the Kaplan Method, but incorporates other techniques that are effective in training SAT in the Indonesian market. The Kaplan method gives students the knowledge of the test and how to approach difficult questions. Our other techniques help students identify their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these weaknesses allows students to focus and on the areas that will give them the greatest score increases.

[title size=”2″]Study Plan[/title]

This is our standard 42-hour Study Plan. The suggested meeting schedule is twice a week (eight weeks). However, study plans can be adapted to your students’ needs and schedules.

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[title size=”2″]Standard Fees[/title]

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Private (1)

Rp26.5 mil

[one_third last=”no”]

Small Group (2-4)

Rp17.5 mil./student

[one_third last=”yes”]

Standard (5-12)

Rp9 mil./student

[alert type=”error”]This is a great bargain. Many SAT courses can run from Rp30 million for private classed or Rp10 million for group classes.[/alert]
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There is no additional charge for course materials:

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  • The official College Board SAT Study Guide
  • Course Book
  • Test Book of 4 additional practice test
  • 4 Proctored Practice Tests
  • Flash cards
  • Cheat sheet


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[title size=”2″]Online Preparation[/title]

Online Preparation is available for an additional fee.

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