English for Adults

The following programs can be delivered in a private or company setting. We conduct pre-testing before any course of study to assess your learning level. This helps us to design a course of study which is sufficiently challenging. English Today Jakarta will send one of our highly qualified teachers to you our student. No more wasted time in traffic, let us worry about that! All you have to do is enjoy our English for Adults programs and the amazing English exercises for adults that we have in store for you.

Business English Conversation

This is perfect for learners who are too busy to travel to an English learning centre. After careful consultation, we will custom design an effective program for you and match you with an English consultant who will support you through your learning process. Please find a post titled English Conversation Training in Jakarta written by our Managing Director Matthew Donohue.

Business English

This program will equip you with the tools to develop your English conversational skills in the workplace in situations such as meetings, appointments, presentations or whilst using the telephone.

Hospitality English

Work in a hotel? Allow our teachers to work with you on the everyday language used in the hospitality business. We use situational role plays, real life examples and video and audio to support your learning. Specific English lessons can be developed for various hotel departments. Our trainers for this course have extensive experience in the hospitality business and have held Senior HR and Training positions in 5 star hotels and resorts.

English for call center and telecommunication professionals

The need for call center teams to speak clear and effective English is extremely important as they do not have the benefit of face to face communication with customers. During this course we practice intonation, stress, style, accent and focus on specific target language that will assist in the day to day projects of call center personnel. This program also includes sessions on up-selling, negotiating skills and dealing with difficult customers.

English for sales and marketing professionals

This program focuses on essential English and role plays to enable sales and marketing professionals to navigate through the sales process in English. We follow the natural steps of the sales process and focus on target language and techniques to ensure a successful conclusion.

English for Executive Directors and CEO’s

Executive leaders often have specific English needs to ensure crystal clear and smooth communication at the highest level. We will work with you in developing your communications skills in areas such as meetings, presentations, negotiations, business writing, and also develop your public speaking skills.

English for Adults

Teach Adults English

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