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English Course in Tangerang, BSD City – the most ambitious development in Indonesia is arguably the most exciting prospect to live and work. With outstanding progress to date, BSD thrives as a modern, innovative and stylish environment to conduct business. Hence, here at English Today, we feel intensely excited and proud to be bringing our award winning school and teachers to the area…English Today Tangerang is not just an another English Course in Tangerang, we focus on corporate Business English training.

Yes, Jakarta has been an incredibly worthwhile venture for us and one we will continue to maintain, but what better place to expand our vision and cater to the dynamic forefront of corporate Indonesia than in Tangerang and BSD City.

Our highly qualified teachers are positively thrilled at the prospect of operating here and cannot wait to be the invaluable learning partners they have proven to be in Jakarta.

Incorporating the entire spectrum of corporate communications, English Today provides such soft skills training as Presentations, Meetings, Formal Writing, Negotiations, Meetings, Telephone English as well as complete Business English courses which cover every single soft skill at the appropriate level (Elementary-to-Advanced).
Our teachers are not simply turn-up-and-go, we are hands-on at every step of your learning journey – building confidence and facilitating every possible learning opportunity. We have an extremely careful entry criteria for our teachers and have now built up a staff who have satisfied some of the biggest names in corporate Indonesia. We know how important it is to provide intensive-yet-engaging training and have selected our teaching partners to meet the highest criteria. Humbly, we look forward to becoming your trusted learning partner.

Some of English Today’s clients in Tangerang include Lippo Group, Henkle, Air Asia and Garuda Airlines.

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