You Can Speak Business English

There are hundreds of reasons to your “I can’t speak business English.”
What are your reasons?
Perhaps, language is not your talent. This foreign language still sounds very foreign to you.  You completely forgot grammar. You don’t like English, and English is utterly hard. And when business is combined with the English language acquisition, it’s even harder.
Those might be your excuses.
They may be true, but they’re just simple excuses. There shouldn’t be any reason you can’t learn business English — no matter how weak your capability is. Let us remind you that, you can improve your business English.
So, if you are on the verge of giving up, keep on reading.
There are many in-house trainings you could take, business English books you could read, and trainers you could ask help from that would make you a more competent employee in your specific job area. Get the right guidance and motivation you need to get started.
Getting Over the Language Shock
a. “It’s not my first language”
What makes you progress in business English is that there is at least something you learn for your specific job or task. No one needs to be perfect in English. It’s not the main objective of learning business English. Learn Business English, to apply it immediately for your professional achievements.
b. “I haven’t used English since I graduated from school”
At least you have learned it once or twice at school; thus, you have the basic knowledge of English. A pat on the back for that — you’ve already passed the first stage. If you need to, you can simply go back to your notes, and you’ll be astounded by how much you’ve accomplished to be able to continue for Business English.
c. “I don’t remember grammar at all”
Forgetting grammar does not mean you’re unable to acquire Business English. To quickly master it, you need to study the important terms and implement them in your work life. Believe in yourself that you will be better. The more you practice, the more you will be skillful.
Getting Over the Personal Blocks
a. “I am not confident”
Confidence issue is almost everyone’s personal block, but it’s not a reason to not try. Push yourself to get started. Practice in front of the mirror. Write the new phrases on the post-it notes. Speak with native speakers. Join a community. Commit to new routines that can increase your confidence level.
b. “I am not capable enough”
Everyone has a capability. Including you. You don’t need to be excellent in English, because perhaps you may be good at another field. Let that shine with the help of your Business English skills. Be inspired by others who show their talents by acquiring Business English. That passion merged with Business English is a capability enough.
c. “I am too lazy to learn”
Take that first step to just start. Begin learning. Putting much effort to learn from now — knowing the right procedure, the necessary to-dos, important vocabularies — is an early preparation for when you are offered a worthwhile career opportunity in the future.

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