TOEFL Speaking Question 1

In the iBT TOEFL Speaking section there are six questions. At the very beginning , you will come across TOEFL Speaking Question 1. The first thing that will happen is the computer screen will have a question that asks for your opinion. This is an independent question, which means that you answer from your personal experience.

You only have 15 seconds to prepare for a 45 second response, so don’t spend too long preparing your answer. Your answer does not have to be perfect you only have to express your idea with supported details.

Question Sample (description question) remember this question asks you to describe something so make sure that you describe the gadget.

“Q: What is your favorite gadget? Describe it and explain why it is your favourite.”

A: In my opinion, my favourite gadget is my iPhone. It is small and rectangular and black in color. I have two reasons why it is my favourite gadget.

First of all, it is very convenient. For example, I can write memos on my iPhone and this reminds me of the things that I have to do. In addition, I can send and receive emails while on the move as well as phone calls.

Second of all, it provides me with entertainment, so I can listen to music when I want to relax, play games to kill time and read e-books on it.

So in conclusion, my favourite gadget is my iPhone because not only is it convenient, it can also provide good entertainment wherever I am.

I will explain that before the first question begins you want to have this diagram on your writing paper.




The letter A stands for the answer, R1 stands for reason one and R2 represents reason two. Having this piece of paper with this diagram ready will help you gather your thoughts within the 15 second timeframe in the quickest time possible. You will also notice that the underlined structures can be used for each in TOEFL Speaking Question 1.

I advise you to use a structure like this or similar to practice as many TOEFL Speaking Question 1 types as possible. You need to use the above diagram and practice preparing your answers within the 15 seconds preparation time and answering clearly for at least 45 seconds.

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