Tips for Learning English Anywhere

Jakarta. Traffic. Busy. Lack of time. Late for Business meeting. Boss angry. It could be a game of word association or simply your daily diary for the past ten years. Time is a commodity and nowhere is it more precious than in business. Perhaps you feel that you have no time to study that English course that your business has provided for you. Here are some tips for studying outside the classroom:

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  • Ask your English course for extra materials. They should be able to provide you with extra listening material that you can use on the way to work or reading material for your breaks.
  • What do you for fun? If your hobby is football and your favorite team Manchester United, why not research them in English? If learning a language is fun you will have more motivation to do it, and that’s the key.
  • Immerse yourself. You don’t have to quit your job and buy a one way ticket to America to immerse yourself. Try introducing English into your everyday life to the point where it becomes a normality.
  • Don’t feel alone. So many people are learning English in the same way and at the same speed as you and with the internet you can chat with an interact with you.
  • Making a mistake should not be an embarrassment; it should be an opportunity to learn. So the more mistakes, the better. So seek out people who are more fluent than you and practice with them, it could be your kids or your father-in-law.

So there it is, there are ways to improve your business English even on the bustling streets of Jakarta. Ayo.