Sneak Peek Into Your Employees’ Wishes In 2019

Can you remember the last time you found a great product? Slipped on the perfect shirt? Put on a pair of sunglasses that made you look (and feel) amazing? Yes, a product that meets needs you didn’t even know you had. It’s as if the brand somehow had insight into your deepest desires; pressed all the right emotion and needs buttons. If only you could do the same to your employees, right?
But here’s the big question you should be asking: “What do my staff truly need?”
You witnessed their accomplishment and growth in 2018, and you certainly want to be part of their professional journey in 2019. Next-level quality needs and demands arise as your business expands, can you keep up and still keep your crew content?
Let’s dig deeper into their secret wishes:

A balanced lifestyle: something that is clearly needed to boost their motivation level quickly is to let them have their “me time”. Whether it be doing sports, doing yoga, reading, or having family quality time, it is something that adds to their personal lives and can actually increase their productivity.

Flexibility: If you can ask them what their priorities are, most will likely say that they need flexible working hours. Working remotely in the digital age can enhance productivity, because they know what time they are most productive and can avoid distractions in their work space.

Open discussion: changing the traditional top-to-bottom communication does not work for millennials. Your younger staff in particular will soon want their voices to be heard. It’s your job, as leader, to encourage two-way communication, open to feedback, and learn from the younger generation.

Community engagement: creating a sense of belongingness for your staff matters. When their views and aspirations are embraced, they will enjoy being one of the team. Through shared activities and social settings, you promote participation that benefits to their pride, satisfaction, and accomplishment.

Empowerment: the world keeps changing; thus your staff need to keep on learning. New technology rises, new trends emerge, and new skills are demanded. One of the ways to make your staff happy is to help them develop through trainings, which can boost their performance. By getting the necessary training to build their capabilities, they gradually progress and execute their tasks well. They will have the opportunity to refine their strengths, fill in what they lack, and upgrade their expertise.

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