Preparing For Your IELTS Examination in Jakarta

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test has four modules:

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There are actually two types of IELTS test; the academic test for tertiary students and professionals and the general training test which targets immigrants and those intending to pursue vocational training.

Knowing what the examiner is looking for can help improve your results because you will know what to focus on when practicing. Here for example are the features your examiner looks at in your writing and speaking modules:

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    • Task response
    • Coherence and cohesion
    • Grammatical accuracy and range
    • Vocabulary
    • Fluency
    • Pronunciation

Task Response

This means how well you have understood and responded to the question or task. For example, in the exam you must make sure you have answered all parts of the question and followed the instructions.

Coherence and Cohesion

This is how you organize your answer. For example in the essay, coherence means that the essay works in its overall structure, making sense in the way it is organized. Cohesion means that the essay flows well from one part to the next.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy

When assessing grammatical range the examiner is looking at the number of sentence styles you are able to use. Unfortunately you can’t rely on just using simple sentences throughout your entire essay. Accuracy is marked on the number of errors in your language.


The examiner looks at any spelling errors and the style of words you can use confidently to cover a given topic.


The examiner looks at how fluent you are in linking ideas without hesitating and stopping for long periods of time.


The examiner looks at how easily you are able to be understood. How smoothly the words are formed and how comfortable you are in engaging in conversation.

At English Today we have years of experience in preparing candidates for the IELTS test. We understand what the examiners are looking for and we know how you can get the score you need.

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