Powerful Presentations

English training for business in Jakarta must include proven methods by which anyone involved in sales or marketing can make outstanding presentations. The skills involved in giving presentations to potential customers are key to a company’s growth and success. Business English and Softskill trainers in Jakarta have long been well aware of the gap that exists in teaching participants good presentation skills, yet there is a lack of options for serious training in public speech here in Jakarta or other Indonesian cities.
Modern business cannot be conducted without effective public speech. Global technologies threaten to close the distance between locations but the importance of the clear presentation, done in front of a small audience in a given location, is still vital. It may now be web-cast, it may now reach an audience that would have been unimaginable a generation ago but clear speech is more necessary than ever.
It is also still true that speaking in public incites fear in far more people than it needs to. At English Today and our sister brand MindPlus Training  we will teach you the ‘insider’ secrets that will give you the confidence to stand up in front of large or small audiences and deliver presentations your audience wants to listen to.
English not your native language? No problem! We show you ways to improve your speaking so you sound smooth and (most importantly) in control. No more fear, no more feeling embarrassed, no more nerves. We will show you how to bring out your best.

What Did Winston Churchill Say about Bad Speakers?

Some speakers seem to say a lot without ever quite knowing what they are talking about. Winston Churchill once described bad speakers as people who: “before they get up they do not know what they are saying; and when they have sat down, they do not know what they have said”.
When making a public presentation you should not just deliver a speech but your speech. It is not just a speech that you have to deliver. It has to be your speech. It is possible to follow all the guidelines and yet produce something rather boring. In other words, it is possible to have a perfect technique and yet for there to be something important missing. That missing thing is You.

Powerful Presentations

Yet this is one of the hardest things to do. It is very common to see people fail when they start to speak. There are many speakers, some of them very respected in their professional lives, who simply disappear when they are asked to speak on stage.
Many of the same people are, in fact, excellent communicators. Yet when faced with a crowd of people looking at them and waiting for them to speak they change. They go from flowing to solid, from loose to stiff. Something doesn’t quite work. The personality gets ripped out.

The Key to a Successful Presentation

The key to a successful presentation is to put your audience first. You must build your presentation around your audience. That way what you say (and how you say it) will be remembered. A “professional” presentation is one where you put the audience first. You think about how the audience would most like to receive the information you are giving. The key to an effective presentation is that you have a few main points that you want the audience to remember and that you highlight these points during the presentation in an interesting, and if possible, enthusiastic way.

Powerful Presentations

It is very useful to find out how much the audience already know about your topic. If you are too technical you may become boring to those who would otherwise be interested in the topic but are not experts. However, if you are too general you will bore the experts. You must find a balance.

Your Audience

You are likely to have a mixed audience, so don’t make too many assumptions about what they may and may not know. You need to find the right balance and prepare your presentation to the specific audience.
Audiences can be tough or audiences can be friendly. Mostly though, audiences will be a reflection of you. If you are boring, they will be bored. If you are enthusiastic, they will be enthusiastic.
Powerful Presentations
At English Today our teachers are experts on the art of public speaking (we do it every day). We know from experience (not just theory) what makes audiences interested, we know guaranteed methods to make even the toughest audience interested in what you have to say. Whether you are in selling, marketing or teaching, we will give you both the English skills (and the confidence that comes with making a presentation in a second language) and the presentation know-how that will take you and your company to the next level.
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Presentation Skills E-Book

Improve your presentation skills through our presentation books. Read tips on for example presenting a message effectively, engaging with an audience and using your voice. It is never too late to become an excellent communicator.

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