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How do I learn quickly?

Learning English conversation is best achieved when it is combined with creativity. What is creativity? Most believe creativity is some mystical force that randomly visits only the enlightened few but the fact is that creativity is not only tangible and recognizable, it is learnable. You can get better creatively because creativity at its core is problem solving with two characteristics: relevance and novelty.

Relevance is the degree by which a solution solves a problem thoroughly and novelty is the degree of difference or originality that that solution exhibits. Practice solving problems with higher degrees of relevance and novelty and you will train yourself to generate ideas of great quantity and quality; in short you will improve creatively.

But I’m not talented.

Artistry is often mistaken for creativity but artistry is the skill of creating beauty, not the ability to solve problems. Just because you can’t draw or paint does not mean you are not creative; these are two separate skill sets. But instead of just telling you this, let me prove it to you. I am going to give you a fun creative little exercise that will teach you three significant things about creativity, artistry and behavior. You are going to need a piece of paper and a pen. Ready? Here’s the exercise. It’s called ‘The Medieval Kid’s Meal Exercise and it will take you at most three minutes.

The kid’s meal has become a staple of fast food chains worldwide. A miniaturized meal for children is accompanied usually by a cheap toy. Think about what a kid’s meal would look like a few hundred years ago. Imagine a fast food store serving kid’s meals back in the medieval era. Your job is to write down as many toys as you can conjure up that would be part of a kid’s meal in that medieval fast food store.   I am talking knights, horses, castles, the whole nine yards. If your kid’s meals were around in medieval times what toys would or could be in those food boxes as prizes? You only have three minutes to write down as many as you can. Ready? Go!

Are you motivated?

So what did we learn from this exercise? We learned that motivation is our greatest challenge, not lack of time and not lack of talent. The most common excuse we use to justify our inability to generate ideas of greater quality and quantity is time. We find excuses not to try and we get the result we expect. We voice those results with affirmations such as; “I am just not creative” or “learning a language is too difficult, I am not talented with languages.” Come on, be honest, did you actually try the exercise above? I bet you probably did not and your reasoning why not was time.

We can help you.

I have good news for you. You do have time and at English Today we can teach you the techniques that will bring out the motivation in you. We don’t just teach English, we teach real-world English you will quickly put in practice and will motivate you to keep going. At English Today we are with you every step of the way.

English Conversation Jakarta

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