Learning English Conversation in Jakarta

Learning English conversation can be a daunting task for many students. You feel nervous that you’re going to make a mistake and embarrass yourself. You worry that you’re going to say something wrong, resulting in misunderstandings or hurt feelings. Nevertheless, don’t fear!

Now, what should you do if you want to improve your English conversation while in Jakarta (or anywhere else for that matter)? Here are some tips to help.

  1. Talk to people! If you get so nervous talking to people in person that you go blank, try chatting! There are numerous social media outlets for you to try your hand at chatting in English.
  2. Watch TV! That’s right, watching TV is a great way to learn how to have a natural English conversation. However, it should be done in an active manner.
    a – Listen for a phrase that you might say in daily life.
    b – Pause the show and REPEAT what they say. (Record yourself!)
    c – Rewind the show, listen again, and then listen to your recording of yourself to see if they match. If they don’t, try again!
  3. Read Comics Out loud! Comics are basically movies in written form. Read the lines out loud like you are practicing for an acting role. You can be all the characters, which makes it fun because you can practice using different voices!
  4. Take Private Conversation Lessons! My colleagues and I at English Today are dedicated to designing lesson plans that will help you to reach whatever goals you may have. If you work in Banking and need to improve your Business English Conversation, we can help. If you love to travel and your goal is to make new friends, we can help! Having a teacher develop a personal program for you will help you become more confident, thus helping you reach your goals more quickly.

Your biggest challenge when it comes to learning English conversation is overcoming your own fear of making a mistake. Relax, have fun, ask for clarification if you don’t understand, and you will be chatting away in no time!

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