How I Can Advance Both My English And Career

Hey you! Yes, you! Want to know a secret?
I can tell you how I became fluent in English. It’s an interesting story (a little bit embarrassing, yet worth telling). But I am proud, because if it weren’t for the experience, I wouldn’t be able to spike up a conversation in an English-speaking situation, (such as meetings and speaking with a foreigner).
Most of my colleagues don’t believe me when I tell them I used to be terrible at speaking English. It took me some time to learn the basic fundamentals (of English conversation). Fast-forward to today and I am now trusted by my employer to manage international inquiries.
My company runs a large logistics network. Expanding upon an internationally recognized brand means we must constantly perform at our absolute peak. No excuses!
Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking, ‘tell us the secret already’. Right?
Alright, enough about my work experience, here it comes. How did I get better?
By jumping in feet first.
By fearlessly practicing, making mistakes and never giving up.
I was probably a lot like you are now. The shy employee who just wants to hide whenever opinions have to be shared in English, or when phone calls from foreigners need to be answered. My speaking was messy and meaningless, and I was nervous.
Very nervous.
It was trial and error. I didn’t know any relevant vocabulary, I forgot grammar, and I was confused on what to say. But I kept on trying, and it worked for me. I can now open a (meeting) in a way that captivates my audience and convinces them to trust me.
But, how I did I know what I did wrong? How did I break my bad language habits? Truth is that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of my trainers. Students need to get the right resources and guidance or else it’s impossible for them to know what to improve on.
If you can leverage your English skills while developing your professional skills, there is no limit to your career growth. Otherwise you can expect a struggling moment to make a single achievement.
 That is the power of a trusted learning partner (like English Today). In fact, great training is not only one of the essential drivers to a company’s growth; it’s the same for language acquisition also.
Great training by passionate trainers who care.
I am lucky to be in English Today’s experienced hands.