English Today Bogor

English Today has opened a branch in Bogor titled English Today Bogor. Bogor is a city thriving and developing thanks to increasing tourism, improved infrastructure and a rise in manufacturing and hospitality. It is a city catering for the present and the future while maintaining its heritage. With its gradual development and increase in industry, we feel very proud to bring English Today – a successful, fast growing, English language training provider – to Bogor.
English Today is a very versatile, dynamic company which employs teachers from the UK, Australia and the US. We can provide a plethora of services such as General English, Business English, Conversation, English for Hospitality right up to Negotiation skills and advanced Presentation skills. We offer services to companies and private individuals alike. We are a company that listens to its clients and offers a personal approach to help you develop your English, whatever your level.

Jakarta has provided many opportunities and has built English Today as a company and allowed teachers to develop their skills and expertise. Our clients have been highly satisfied with our services and we have enjoyed working with big name companies. We would now like to bring our services and expertise to Bogor.
Unlike other language companies, we do not have a centre requiring the customer to travel to. Instead, we come to you! We have experienced, enthusiastic teachers available in the Bogor/Depok area ready to help you to improve your English communication. We look forward to working with you.