English Conversation Training in Jakarta

I have been teaching English conversation Training in Jakarta for more than 10 years and what I have discovered is that English language conversation fluency is best acquired not through artificial textbook dialogues and classrooms drills with which students cannot identify with but in situations requiring practical conversational use of the language. When students are asked to express their thoughts on controversial subjects about which they already have strong feelings, students tend to focus more on the content of their discussions and less on the fact that they are actually learning a language. So what is the effective way to improve your English conversation ability in Jakarta?

The most effective and efficient way to improve ones English conversation ability is to take a 30-hour private lesson. This can be done with a native teacher or a local native. A local native is an Indonesian language teacher who uses the English language as naturally as a qualified native teacher. Small groups can also be very effective and English topics can be discussed and debated between the participants. However I advise that the group know each other as this increases the ability of each participant to speak freely due to the comfort level between each of the participants. In addition each participant should have an English conversation level over pre-intermediate.

I have had small group English conversation lessons for employee’s of Bank BCA, Bank BII and Garuda Indonesia to name a few and the progress of each individual has been so outstanding and noticeable that their managers have requested in-house training for their other staff. Before the class starts each participant will fill out a questionnaire about their interests so that I can prepare suitable conversation topics that each student can relate to.

English Conversation Training in Jakarta

One of the categories is Hi-Tech and this includes topics such as The Internet, Artificial Intelligence, Tele-learning, Cyber war, InfoTech Revolution, Cyber Crime, Genetic Engineering and Cyber Shopping. Another categories include Life Style, Time and Space, Society, Environment and Econo-Political to name a few. Most topics deal with the normal everyday concerns of people everywhere, but others such as life after death, interpretations of history, and psychic phenomenon are included because they are all issues about which there is great disagreement. These topics are controversial and invite argument to defend one’s point of view. The whole purpose is to get people to discuss issues, and topics like these definitely do the job.

Each discussion topic is introduced by a short article which focus on just one aspect of the problem or issue. The readings have two purposes: 1) to provide background information and a beginning point for the discussions; and 2) to provide an element of cultural awareness.

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