English Conversation Lessons

You want to speak English fluently but have no idea where to start. Maybe you feel strange speaking English with your Indonesian friends because you’re afraid they are going to judge your skills, make fun of you, or laugh at you. The simple answer is to start by taking English Conversation Lessons.

Although there are many ways to learn how to speak English on your own, finding a good teacher will help you to feel more confident as well as help you to express yourself in the way you want to be understood. English Conversation is not only about knowing vocabulary, but also involves psycho-linguistic tricks so that people get the right impression about what you are saying. For example, if you say “I want a small coffee,” this can sound somewhat rude (unless someone has taught you the proper intonation). It’s better to say “I’d like a small coffee, please.”

You can learn some of these skills on your own in a variety of ways including:

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  • Actively watching TV: Listen not only to the words people say but how they say it. Language is like music, so listen to the changes in tone that express more than the words themselves. Copy the intonation the characters use when they are trying to be persuasive, polite, angry or excited.
  • Read Out Loud: Find an article about a topic that you like to discuss, may it be politics, health, economics or music. Read the article like you are giving a news broadcast or presentation on the subject. This will get you used to using vocabulary that you may not use often in speech, which will help you express yourself more clearly as well as enable you to sound more intelligent.

Regardless, I have found in my experience that the best first step for students like you is to take English Conversation Lessons with a qualified teacher such as myself or my colleagues at English Today.
I have studied linguistics for many years, involving myself in numerous research projects for non-native speakers of English.

This has given me great insight on what it is that you need to learn in order to be better understood by native speakers. At English Today we specialize in making customized curriculum for students of all ages at all levels who wish to talk about a wide variety of subjects including daily conversation, business English, sales, politics, agriculture, academic English…you name it, we got it!

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