English Conversation Jakarta

This article is titled English Conversation Jakarta because I have been in Jakarta for more than one year now and many students ask me how they can improve their English conversation? You can take General English Courses, Business English Courses or perhaps your company will arrange some in-house English training. There are many options to improve your English. However if you want to improve your English conversation skills here are 5 ways to do this.  So what are cheap and easy ways to improve your English conversation skills in Jakarta?

Well here are five techniques to improve your English conversation skills right now, without having to go off to a mall in Jakarta and start chatting up random ‘bules’ (Westerners).

Play English Conversation games with your friends

Try and create some English language based conversation games with your friends and family. I bet you aren’t the only person in your social circle who wants to improve their English conversation abilities. Let your friends and family know that you have a plan to improve your conversation English! Then get them to join in the fun. Play English games like Charades and encourage them by example. Also notify your circle of influence that you will be having an English Only Conversation Hour every day. They can participate or not but they should know that even if they speak to you in Bahasa, you will reply in English.

Watch an English language TV series

Try Watching an English language TV series. Many people love to sing songs as a way of learning the English language but one reason why songs won’t be as helpful in improving your English conversation skills is because they are not written like a conversation but rather, they are written poetically. On the other hand, TV shows usually take place in modern day settings and have stories that you can connect with. Watching a TV series is useful because the writers create them in a specific style, characters are meant to speak the same way in every episode; so you can learn to imitate your favourite character who matches your personality. Mimicking your favourite characters conversations can help you become more natural.

Memorize and recite difficult English grammar patterns

Memorizing and reciting difficult grammar patterns is an excellent way to improve your spoken English conversation skills. This can be taken from the previous activity by memorizing lines from a television series, or you could search for phrases that are challenging for you from a book or an online article. All you have to do is memorize a short sentences commonly used in natural English conversation and repeat it several times. One day you might have to say something just like that and you’ll jump with joy at the chance to use your memorised English line.

Join or start an English conversation learning group

Why not join or start an English language learning group? There are many other people in Jakarta who want to improve their English conversation skills so try using an app or a website like meetup.com or beetalkmobile.com to create or become a member of a club. Then find other committed learners who are around your level of skill and meet at a café to talk in English for one hour. You may think that you cannot learn from someone who is at the same level as you but the repetition of talking in English helps make you less shy when attempting to converse using the English language.

Take part in an English conversation lesson

Take part in an English conversation lesson. Even if you’ve never had the opportunity to join one from your school or work, there are various options to get into one. For example, pool together with your friends and get yourselves a group-discount on a weekly English conversation class. Discuss it with your employer because they may even be able to compensate you for the total cost or perhaps a portion of it. Then swing by English Today and inquire with one of our representatives for more info.

English Conversation Jakarta

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If you would like to know more about how to participate in an English conversation lesson, or you just want to know about other English conversation practice techniques, simply contact English Today and we will be happy to advise you.

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