English Conversation Class

What’s an English conversation class?

An English Conversation Class can be anything from a private lesson with a qualified teacher or a group lesson with your friends at home or with your colleagues in the workplace! There are also many English language schools offering English conversation classes. At English Today Jakarta we develop a personalized curriculum to help you pursue your conversational goals, whatever they may be.

Which English conversation class is best for me?

If you are very shy, someone who is easily distracted, or an executive who doesn’t want to risk losing face in front of your subordinates, a private lesson may be the best option. The most important criteria for learning English Conversation is that you feel comfortable talking! Making mistakes is a must in class, as this means you are pushing yourself to use new structures then learning them when you get corrected! If making mistakes in front of people is too embarrassing for you to handle then a one on one lesson may be the way to go!

If you are someone who loves to joke around with friends, works easily with others, or are good at learning from others mistakes (without being judgemental) then a group class is for you! Find a few friends who are also interested in learning English Conversation and book a class together. You’ll learn how to talk about topics that interest you, with your friends, in a natural way.

If you feel that your company would compete better in this global market if everyone were better able to converse in English, then in-office classes are the way to go. Many businesses, from banks to restaurants to consulting firms, are looking to widen their markets by catering to the English speaking world. By having classes in the workplace, employees gain a sense of urgency in learning the language, thus motivating them to do their best. At the same time the English Class has to maintain an environment where students feel safe to make mistakes. English Conversation Classes in the workplace also help build team spirit across departments.

Who am I?

My name is Fitri Gebers and I am a Teacher as well as the Head of Training and Resources at English today Jakarta. After studying as well as doing research in Linguistics I have found that a personalized curriculum is best for any course of English study. With my knowledge and your feedback it is possible to pinpoint exactly which language issues have to be addressed in the class.

My colleagues and I at ETJ specialize in tailoring our curriculum to the wants and needs of our students. Group classes can be extremely fun if everyone is willing to be open and occasionally play the fool in front of close friends and/or colleagues.

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