Dealing with Difficult Clients in Jakarta

There are so many choices in Jakarta as a consumer that it is the little differences that a company offers that make you want to purchase their product or service. In service based industries especially the customer relies heavily on customer experience and will feel entitled to complain. Some complaints are justified whilst others may seem a little far-fetched, but what is important is that we deal with each one in the same way.

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  • Listen. Do not get defensive; the customer is not attacking you personally. Repeat back to them what they are saying so they know you have listened.
  • Get information. Ask the customer enough questions to fully find out what has happened and why they are so upset.
  • Put yourself in their shoes. As a businessperson, your job is not to argue, but to solve the problem. You need to empathize with the customer.
  • Apologize without blaming. When a customer senses you are truly sorry, it usually helps to defuse the situation.
  • Solve the problem – or find someone who can. Customers prefer that the person they are speaking to can solve their problem, the higher it goes n the company the more time it generally takes.

Empowering your employees to be able to handle situations means that the customer can have their problem solved quickly and in a personal manner. If they have to talk to their boss, it becomes more corporate and you lose your connection with them.