Customer Care Part 4: Call Centre Success

Customer care call is one of the most crucial moments by which your customers make their first impression of your company. Approximately 24% of customers rated the call centres in UK as unsatisfactory. A well-handled call can improve your customers’ perception of your company. When making the first call, remember that it is your opportunity to make a positive impression by showing that you are willing to serve them well.
The rules to managing a customer call are similar to the general rule for customer service: You want to be friendly and put on the “ready to help” attitude. Listen carefully to understand your customers’ needs. Don’t forget to give signals to show that you are listening, such as saying “I see”, “Right”, “Is that so?”, and “Of course”. Most importantly, remember to keep your promise. If you fail to fulfill their expectations, they will remember it as a poor service and will swift to another brand.
It’s also worth understanding the useful phrases when clarifying, explaining, and checking comprehension. A few words you could use to ask your customers to repeat or describe a situation include “Could you please explain…?”, “What do you mean exactly?”, “Sorry, what does that mean?”, “Is everything clear?”, “Do you have any other questions so far?”, and “Are you having any problems?”
Good customer care through calling is not just about responding to customers’ complaints. A well-planned phone strategy and procedure that puts customers first will ensure a happier and more loyal customer base.