Customer Care Part 3: Dealing with Customers on the Phone

Improving a customer relationship doesn’t only happen during a face-to-face interaction. Keep the platforms of communication open to respond to their enquiries and complaints quickly. One of the communication methods is through phone contact. Your customers also need to be treated with good service through calling as this will strengthen the ties between them and your company. Eventually, this can serve as a reward for your business.

Handling customers on the phone can entail the following tips:

  • Identify yourself and your company

  • State your purpose for calling

  • Remember the customers’ names during call

  • Acknowledge your customers with their names throughout the phone conversation

  • Take your customers’ complaints and/or requests seriously

  • Write down important notes from customers

  • Remember the details of the call

  • As long as it’s respectful, it is acceptable to exchange a bit of small talk

  • When unsure, it is alright to ask customers to repeat information

  • Be friendly, dependable, courteous, and polite

  • Focus on building rapport and making customers feel special

  • Maintain good listening skills

  • Be serious when taking care of request

  • Allow the customer to trust you by allowing them to know how to contact you directly

  • Always ask if there are any other issue before completing the call

  • End the call with a “Thank You”

When trying to arrange an appointment, it is easier when you know the important words to use when suggesting time, agreeing a time, and confirming an appointment. Here are some examples of phrases that you can use when discussing time of appointment with your customers through phone:

  • Good morning/good afternoon/good evening, Mr./Ms. (name).

  • I’m calling to discuss about our appointment.

  • Could we arrange a meeting for (time)?

  • I’m sorry, I didn’t quite hear what you said, could you please repeat it?

  • Could we go over that one more time please?

  • Would Monday morning be suitable for you?