Customer Care Part 2: Face-to-Face with Customers

Direct interaction with your customers is one of the most important aspects of customer service. This is a great opportunity for your staffs to win your customers with an attractive presentation. Your customer service employees need to be trained with skills and abilities that will leave your customers satisfied.
 A few elements to consider when meeting face-to-face with the customers are greetings, introductions, offering hospitality, small talk to break the ice, and even goodbyes.
During the conversation with customers, make sure to have a clear speaking voice, be well-groomed, provide the necessary eye-contact to create a bond with your customers, smile sincerely, present a pleasant yet confident body language, and situation express the vocabulary.
In regard to creating small-talk with your customers, be careful with topics that might be too personal, such as family, religion, politics, making compliments about appearance, and cultures. Acceptable topics include asking about their trip, where they are staying, their impression of the city, and their thoughts about the weather.
Overall, be courteous and sincere by treating you customers with respect and executing the tasks in a timely manner. As well as the aforementioned details, these two points are the recommended steps to grab the hearts of your customers.