Communicating across cultures

Good business English communication means more than just correct grammar, it means understanding cultural identity. Jakarta is a hub of different cultures and to remain competitive your company needs to understand Global Thinking.

When you think of culture you should think of the image of an iceberg floating on the surface of the water. All you can see with your eyes is the tip, and at the tip of the iceberg you see things that you think make sense. If you spend any amount of time in a new country you begin to notice different interactions; of course the food will be different, also the music and even the clothes people wear will be perhaps a little unusual. This may lead you to think that after a while you understand this culture, that you have a fairly good idea of whats going on.

What people forget however is that what’s really at the core of any culture is not what rests at the tip of the iceberg but instead it is the vast mass that lies hidden beneath the water. These we may call the Cultural Motivators and they very much relate to the beliefs, values and history of the people that make up the culture. When you are able to recognize these differences in cultures, when you are able to understand how what lies beneath the tip of the iceberg is actually what guides the culture and influences behavior, you will be able to become a much more effective communicator.

When you are able to communicate with people from different cultures with their cultural understanding, you and your company gain a massive competitive advantage. This is supported by a massive IBM study conducted a few years ago which included over 1500 CEO’s, managers and leaders in over 60 countries and 33 industries. When looking at Top Leadership Qualities the study discovered that in the next 5 to 10 years one of the most important qualities a leader or company could have would be Global Thinking. Here is the full list:

1- Creativity
2- Integrity
3- Global Thinking
4- Influence
5- Openness

But what do we mean by Global Thinking? Global Thinking is the ability to recognize and adapt to cultural signals so that you intuitively see global opportunities and are effective in communicating with people from around the world.
The best way to do this automatically is by first understanding the cultural expectations of the people you do business with and then practicing it until it becomes a part of your Global Thinking.

At English Today Jakarta we understand Global Thinking and we have made it our job to pass our expertise to you. At English Today Jakarta your company comes first, we know your business is unique and you want a training provider that can understand your needs. Let us show you results, not just promises. With our in-house training you will learn and make Global Thinking a part of your company’s strategy in advancing above your competitors.

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