Business English for Negotiations

Throughout the history of human civilisation people have negotiated. We negotiate when discussing what television programs to watch, we negotiate prices and delivery dates with suppliers and politicians negotiate their spending budgets. If you need a Business English program or a specialised Business English for Negotiations program we have the right program for you. The Business English for Negotiations module is one of our most popular module for banks just after English for Presentations.

Here are some useful phrases that you can use in a business English negotiation context.

  • I would like to provide English lessons to all your branches in Jakarta.
  • Please let me know if your Jakarta branches need English training.
  • What are some other schedule options for the English program?
  • Could I ask you to schedule the placement test at 4pm?
  • Could you help me with some introductions with other branch managers please?

Business English Negotiation Vocabulary Verbs and Nouns.

To negotiate/negotiation

He negotiated a new contract with Garuda Indonesia
He went through a difficult negotiation with Garuda Indonesia

To propose/proposal

He proposed four English Presentation classes for CIMB Niaga managers.
His proposal for English classes in the West Jakarta branches was approved last Friday.


I arranged a meeting between the teacher and the HR department to finalize consultation of the course design.
The arrangements at the meeting stipulated a focus on presentation and negotiation skills.

To discuss/discussion

We discussed practical solutions to overcome the participants’ weaknesses in report writing.
The discussion helped clarify the desired outcomes and set in motion a workable Business English program.

To prepare/preparation

We will prepare everything needed for a successful Business English Training program.
The English trainer’s preparation before each and every class ensures that the learning objectives are met.

To calculate/calculation

We will calculate the results of the placement test before creating the program.
A thorough calculation must be done to understand which participants can follow the intermediate levelled Business English program.

To deliver/delivery

We will deliver a solution to your company’s Business English weaknesses.
The delivery of the Business English books will take place on Tuesday at 9am.

Providing reasons and explanations.

  • This is because demand will increase after the Christmas holidays.
  • The reason for the extra cost is to cover the teacher’s transport to your location.
  • The most important points are class sizes and off-peak schedules.
  • We must have confirmation before the end of the year.
  • We have to have 12 hours notice before any schedule changes.
  • We need/require the contract to be signed before the placement test is given.

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