Business English Course in Jakarta

Business English skills are essential in helping companies become more productive in the global economy. As a result companies located in Jakarta often require the services of Business English providers to enhance their team’s business English communication skills.

Business English

Business English relates to global trade. It has a very specific function which is why we recognise Business English as a specialism within the learning and teaching of English language. It’s probably not surprising that a great deal of the Business English communication taking place all over the world transpires between non-native speakers.

Business English Providers

There are two points to consider when choosing a Business English Language Provider in Jakarta.

The first step is a needs analysis in basic business English communication skills. The provider and human resources department need to assess which abilities are most important with a ranking system from 1 urgent to 5 not urgent.

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  • Deal with visitors
  • Understand and give presentations
  • Chair and take part in meetings
  • Read and write reports
  • Deal with e-mails
  • Make arrangements on the telephone
  • Socializing in a business context
  • Deal with suppliers and customers
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Knowledge of these requirements helps the Business English Language provider to custom design the perfect program.

The second step is for the provider to create a program that covers the desired skills and functions with stimulated role-play situations. These include assisting visitors, running a meeting and checking into a hotel to name a few scenarios.

The more realistic the practice in presenting, negotiating and socializing is, the more effective the training will be. The last thing your team wants to hear is the teacher asking the participants to open their books at page 52. It is essential that the participants learn from doing.

Business English Course in Jakarta

Picture your team successfully dealing with clients, exchanging clear and concise e-mails, sharing warm and productive telephone conversations and participating to the company’s increasing bottom line. This doesn’t happen naturally for users of English as a second language – support and training is necessary.

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