Business Curriculum Vitae

Want to get a new job? So does everyone in Jakarta, so listen up! Curriculum Vitae’s and resumes are often the first point of contact between you and your new dream job. I have been hiring people for over five years now and often see the same mistakes which can cost you that one chance you need to get a face to face interview. Here are the most common mistakes:

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  • Back up your words: It is not enough to simply say that you are a ‘talented and ambitious’ person, you must show it! Try showing it by illustrating how: ‘I won manager of the quarter…in my spare time I take a management course as I aim to run my own business in five years.’ Now your potential employer knows other people find you talented and ambitious, not just yourself. If you cannot find an example to illustrate your point, then you are most likely not what you are selling yourself as.
  • Keep it short: Two pages is enough for a CV. Personally I prefer it on two pages stapled together, however; I do know that some people prefer to put it on one double-sided page. As long as it has correct contact information then it will be fine.
  • Tailor your CV to the job: So you send off a hundred CVs every day and no one gets back to you? If the CVs are all the same (and they must be if you have time to send 100 each day) then your potential employee knows you have not taken the effort to tailor your CV to fit the job you are applying for.
  • Do your research: If you have to write a cover letter you need it to be specific and concise. Why should someone put your CV in their ‘must interview’ pile over someone else? Research the company and job thoroughly and make sure the person reading it knows you have done so.

So now you can feel confident about applying for the right job at the right time and making sure you connect with the person reading your CV. Good luck!