Bahasa Indonesian Program Jakarta

English Today’s practical Bahasa Indonesian Program Jakarta is dedicated to the expatriate community. We also have some of Indonesia’s most qualified and experienced trainers working with us. This includes qualified BIPA Bahasa Indonesian trainers from the University of Indonesia.

We offer both corporate and individual classes in your office or home. You choose the days and times and our trainers will travel to you.

Bahasa Indonesian Program Jakarta is delivered in two units

Each unit contains two dialogues based around situations that you will most likely find yourself in either travelling or on business in Indonesia.

Unit 1

The first dialogue in each unit deals with the language you will require for handling certain situations such as booking a hotel room or talking about your family.

Unit 2

The part two dialogue strongly relates to the previous topic, strengthening what you already know and building on the knowledge gained in the previous unit. Each unit is split into two. Part one begins with a dialogue followed by vocabulary and a natural translation of the dialogue.

Following this, there is a section of language notes called ‘How the language works’. This section introduces you to various important features of language structure and usage. Each unit is followed by a test to check understanding and the consolidation of what has been taught.

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Bahasa Indonesian Program Jakarta