4 Reasons to Combine Professional Development with English (Number 4 is a short inspirational story)

Let’s face it. Globalization and technological advancements have disrupted industry (no matter the sector). Some have survived the transition while others have barely kept their heads above water.

The reason is actually straightforward: successful companies adapted and transitioned while others fell into a “late adapter” category. Where are you?

Learning from others, you try to create a new plan to invest in your people so that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to boost your company’s growth on a global scope.

But have you thought of embedding English-language competency into their career development?

  • 1) English as a widely used language:
    English is not only the language of travel but is also the language of politics and business. Estimates state that English is used by approximately 380 million people worldwide and will likely dominate half of the world by 2050 (Today Translation and Business Services, 2019). Mastering English is crucial for any business looking to attract the world market.

  • 2) Communication tool:
    Communication is highly essential in organizations. It includes the ability to speak, listen, and give feedback. It is the powerful use of words that influences clients and partners to want to say ‘Yes’. Communication goes hand in hand with language.

  • 3) Surviving in the market:
    When facing global competition, constant innovation is the only option. Expanding internationally means developing your main assets — your employees. Preparing them for a constantly changing corporate environment (with relevant work skills such as critical thinking, intercultural understanding, and negotiating). But these not enough if they separated from English. You need to incorporate business English language training to remain competitive.

  • 4) Being ahead of the game:
    A 50-year old manager recalled his past when it was difficult to learn Business English.

    Day and night he read from his old text books, unsure if even his pronunciation was correct. Then he practiced by watching movies (that was the closest to hearing a native speaker.)

    His hard work paid off. Soon enough he was the only staff member who could write emails to a foreign partner. Today he is the head of business development in a multinational company dealing in imports and exports.

    He wishes there was someone who could have taught him at the beginning.

    “If there is a chance to learn, take it. Keep improving. One day, your position will need it, and you will have the skills to supply it.”

    In today’s competitive corporate world, to keep growing is to nurture your people. Your people are your strength. Advance their work skills and merge them with solid English capabilities.

    Be that leader who gives their employees an opportunity to progress. You’ll be surprised how much your training investment will repay you and your company.

    Now is the time.

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