English Conversation Jakarta

English Conversation Jakarta

Are you struggling with your English conversation abilities? Do you feel nervous or tongue tide? Do you remember the correct response well after the moment has passed?

English Conversation Lesson | English Conversation Class | Business English Course

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English Today Jakarta has the Perfect Answer

First of all, don’t worry. You are not alone and there is an answer to your problems. Imagine yourself asking open ended questions that encourage conversation, building relationships and a sense of pride.

Total Convenience. We Come to YOUR Preferred Location

At English Today we specialise in sending qualified teachers to your location to help build your confidence for speaking English. We will teach you techniques and methods to become a great English conversationalist.

Four Easy Steps to better English Conversation Skills

  1. Give us your preferred study schedule
  2. Give us your location
  3. Tell us your English language goals
  4. Match your needs to a teacher with whom you feel comfortable

The key to improving your English is allowing English Today to create a comfortable English learning environment, choosing topics of interest so that you can relate to the lessons. You will then be well on your way to English conversation excellence.

Normal Price IDR 18 Million

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Discount Price - 15 Million Rupiah

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