Socializing Confidence





Making Contact
Making arrangements via email
Meeting visitors on arrival
Talking about the weather
Talking about plans
Attitudes to time in different cultures
Talking about plans
2 hours
Welcoming Visitors
Welcoming visitors to your company
Talking about the offices and the company
Offering a visitor refreshments
Giving directions in a building
Introducing a visitor
Using First names asking for clarification
2 hours
Getting acquainted
Making small talk before a meeting
Talking about free time activities
Talking about personal possessions
Talking about travel and places you have visited
Following up a visit with an email
Talking about mutual acquaintances
Moving from small talk to business
Keeping a conversation going
2 hours
Entertaining a visitor
Showing a visitor around your town
Talking about the place where you live
Recommending things to do and places to see
Giving directions in a town or city
Used to
Using tourist information
Talking about origins
Dealing with invitations
2 hours
Eating Out
Making small talk in a restaurant
Deciding what to order
Talking about family and relationships
Talking about education
Thanking somebody for a meal
Explaining a menu
Keeping a conversation going
But seriously …-the role of humour in different cultures
At the end of a meal
2 hours
Starting a conversation with a stranger
Talking about your company
Talking about products at the stand
Trying out new small-talk topics
Following up a new contact via email
Safe small-talk topics
Ending a conversation politely
Small talk at a trade fair
2 hours