Presentation Skills Program





Let’s get started
Welcoming audience
Introcuding the topic
Dealing with nervousness
Opening a presentation
Structuring a presentation
Organizational details (talking
about timing, handsouts, questions)
Getting the audience’s attention
2 hours
Today’s topic is …
Body language
Tips on presenting to an English-speaking audience
Singposting (phrases to organize your presentation)
Talkingabout difficult issues
Reffering to the other points
Adding idea
2 hours
My next slide shows …
Presentation tools
Using approximate numbers
Creating effective visuals
Presenting visuals effectively
Introducing visuals
Saying numbers
Therule of six
Emphasizing important points
Making contrasts and descibing results
2 hours
As you can see from this graph …
Types of visuals
Describing graphs and charts
Interpreting visuals
Tips for descibing trends
Talkingabout visuals
Talking about trends (verb tenses, adjectives and adverbs)
2 hours
To sum up …
Concluding a presentation
Strategies for a good conclusion
Summarizing the main points
Making recommendations
Phrases for effective conclusions
Using your voice effectively (stressing words, making pauses)
2 hours
Any questions?
Handling the question and answer session
Dealing with questions
Asking polite questions
Anticipating questions
Dealing with interruptions
Reforming questions
2 hours