Native Teacher

To Schools Program

Our goal is to improve the English exposure and ability in schools across Jakarta and throughout Indonesia.

Many of English Today’s trainers are former Director of Studies and Center Managers of reputable English centers across Jakarta and Indonesia

English Today Native Teachers to Schools Program primary function is to provide the highest quality native-speaker English teachers to private and international schools throughout Jakarta and Indonesia.

English Today

Native Teacher

to Schools Program Goals.

  • To enhance the quality of English language education in Indonesian schools.
  • To provide international-standard English language.
  • To develop students’ confidence as a foundation to good language learning.

Native And

Expatriate Teachers

English Today’s native teachers from five native speaking countries. Australia, America, Canada, The UK and New Zealand.

All trainers are qualified and experienced in teaching English as a second language. Many of our teachers are former Directors of Studies and Center Managers of other reputable institutions. We pride ourselves on selecting A-Grade trainers.

English Today

Teacher Training

English Today also provide Teacher Training to ensure that the quality and passion of our trainers continues at a high standard