The concept for this powerful Leadership program originated from the “MAHANA” philosophy! MAHANA in the Maori language means energy and passion and it is with this energy that patience and ability are weaved together to build leaders.

Questions about diversity and leadership have been echoing loudly through international leadership research commentary for some years – and for good reason. Understanding self, connecting with others, relating to others culture, building a working culture, and coaching others towards success are the fundamental elements of this powerful program.

The Power Character Leadership Program

This leadership program is specifically designed for companies wanting to get the best out of their leadership/management team. It is challenging but rewarding and designed to fully realize the potential of your leadership. This program utilizes a variety of training methodologies to ensure maximum results.

The key components of this program includes:

  • Understanding your current working environment exploring issues, challenges and specific areas needed for performance enhancement.
  • Role plays which highlight current challenges and corporate dynamics. A discussion of observations made will highlight these like a mirror, a powerful understanding for growth.
  • Mahana Energy: How to create high positive energy and tap into this on demand. Creating positive energy that will filter through your teams and departments.
  • Clarity on the individual aims of the program and your past leadership experience.
  • Styles of leadership, Laws of Leadership, Situational leadership.
  • Types of Leadership and fully understanding how to vary these in relation to your performance.
  • Coaching and mentoring. Knowing how to motivate your employees.
  • Action plan for future development and showing your unique areas for practice and improvement.
  • Buddying and shadowing.
  • Follow up guidelines and coaching sessions.