Do you really know what kind of experience and level of service your customers are receiving? Allow our dedicated team of IQ auditors to visit your company and provide an unbiased and accurate evaluation of the services YOUR company is offering to your guests.

IQ audits are conducted within a ‘Mystery Shopper’ context which means the identity of our auditors is concealed from your employees in order for our auditors to receive a true reflection of your current service and standards. At the conclusion of the audit you will be presented with a comprehensive report with measurements of the standard of service your customers are receiving.

We will discuss the results with you face to face and provide recommendations and solutions to problems that have been revealed by the audit. There will be a follow up audit 6 months later to measure improvements in your services and further recommendations will be made. Our Mind Plus team will continue to work closely with you as a partner and will not simply conduct the audit and walk away. Our auditors have worked with various multi-national companies world-wide so you can be sure of receiving the highest level and quality of support