As part of a busy business lifestyle, we spend a large amount of our time interacting with others, in particular with our customers. Keeping them happy is as critical as understanding their needs and concerns. It is well known that a large amount of time of an office worker is spent in meetings, a large portion of which is dealing with colleagues and customers. As a result it is quite critical for anyone to improve their customer management skills and be able to handle more senior customers as their skills are improved and get better results.

In this course participants will be introduced to main aspects of managing customers in meetings. These include subjects such as establishing rapport, handling meetings, negotiating, body language and so on. For example, what if your client uses a dominant body position in a meeting room and continuously accuses you of missing deadlines? How should you reply? What if your client does not deliver on his promises and doesn’t understand the impact of his negligence on your team? How do you get him to correct his behaviour, without making him feel embarrassed? Many similar situations such as these are explored in detail in this course.

There are plenty of educational and entertaining exercises designed to help the delegates put the theory into practice. The idea is that participants should learn the skills during the course by using the new concepts they have learned in controlled exercises and role plays. This is known to increase the retention rate and is an ideal method to learn rapidly with minimum effort.

In this highly practical course participants will learn:

How to Manage Relationships

  • How to interact with a customer effectively to get maximum results
  • What to say, how to say it and how to look?
  • How to handle potentially aggressive remarks by your customer

Body Language

  • How to great a customer and establish rapport
  • How to use your body language to understand others better
  • How to read clusters of gestures
  • How to read subconscious signals by reading palm orientation and finger layout
  • What are the signals that indicate the other person is defensive?
  • What is partial-arm-cross and what does it suggest?
  • How to do a power gaze
  • What are various leg crosses and what do they suggest?

Effective Meetings

  • How to participate or hold meaningful and efficient meetings
  • What are pre-meeting preparations?
  • How to prepare an agenda
  • What should be discussed in a typical office meeting?
  • How to prepare, run and finalise a meeting
  • How to avoid wasting time in meetings
  • What are post-meeting activities?

Questioning Methods

  • How to use various types of questioning techniques to get better answers
  • How to use listening skills to get more information from your clients


  • How to get a fair deal when negotiating with your clients
  • How to set your limits when negotiating over price. What strategies are known to work best?
  • How to maximise your long-term results when dealing in repeated negotiations with a particular customer
  • How to reduce tension while negotiating so you can get better results and manage a meeting more effectively

Audience: Anyone
Prerequisites: None
Course Duration: 1 Day
Course Level: Intermediate