Local Teacher pauline


Local English Trainer

  • Communications Science, The London School Of PR Jakarta

  • Faculty of Sociology & Political Science, University of Indonesia

  • Test of Teaching Knowledge Module 1,2, and 3 Certified, Cambridge English

  • Gold Medallion for “English for Business”, Certified, LCCI

  • Reverse 80/20 Methodology of Teaching

Local Teacher pauline Local Teacher pauline Local Teacher pauline Local Teacher pauline


Local English Trainer

I am a professional, highly motivated and dedicated English and Bahasa Indonesia teacher who demonstrate an excellent inter-personal and communication skills. I have received good feedback from schools, as well as graded good to outstanding by various educational institutions and clients. I am always eager to develop more self- competencies in language teaching and learning as well as seeking for various opportunities to be able to apply my knowledge.


English Today, English Trainer

English First Kota Harapan, Director of Studies

English First Bekasi, Senior Teacher

English First Bekasi, Business English Specialist