Proofreading and Translation Services

Are you looking for exceptional English proofreading and translation services that you can count on

Whether you need us to proofread an important document for work, your final thesis at University or a legal document, our team of highly trained, efficient and effective translators can help you proofread your English documents. Contact us for the most professional and accurate English proofreading and translation services in Indonesia.

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For Students

Are you always finding spelling and grammar mistakes in your essays and other important course documents? No matter how many times you check, those pesky score reducing typos lurk unseen awaiting discovery. Our academic editing team can help you achieve the enviable grades that you deserve.

Layanan Koreksi dan Terjemahan

For Academics

The quality of written English must always be at its very highest when your intellectual, scholastic papers are concerned. If you are considering authorship seriously or striving toward publication, our editors and proofreader’s can provide for you an ‘expert’ level of manuscript preparation.

Layanan Koreksi dan Terjemahan

For The Private Sector

We expect professionalism to be present in every facet of a business. It can be heard in the tone of voice of your help desk. It can be felt by the level of comfort you provide your visitors and it can be read through the words and grammar of your business reports, proposals and contracts. We help you get it right.

Layanan Koreksi dan Terjemahan

For The Public Sector

World-class editors, copy-writers and proofreader’s! It is who we are. Perfectly aligned to the standards and requirements demanded by World-class Governments and their departments. We can make sure that your legal manuscripts, tenders, speeches or marketing speak is politically correct and error free.

Rates and Procedures

Job type, translation, copy-editing or proofreading
Document type, report, brochure, essay etc.
Subject field, Finance, Marketing, Education etc
Word count, the total number of words to be translated, copy-edited or proofread
Start date, when will you be able to send us the document so we can begin working?
Completion date when do you need the job finished by
Translation Fee, Rp 400 per finished words (normal rate not express) you can add this up with operational cost.

Double Check System

English Today use experienced Indonesian and native English translators, In addition, we use a double check system in which one person translates your document into English, and another person checks and proofreads this English translation. In this way, our translations are done accurately without any errors or misunderstandings.

Our document translation services are flexible, fast and secure:

Layanan Koreksi dan Terjemahan

we translate a wide range of documents in different file types

Layanan Koreksi dan Terjemahan

we promise you a quick turnaround/completion time within reasonable limits

Layanan Koreksi dan Terjemahan

we offer to enter into a non-disclosure agreement with our clients should the document to be translated be of a sensitive or confidential nature.

Payment Procedures?

If the translation, copy-editing or proofreading job meets your approval, the remaining 50% fee payment is made
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