Business English Online

FoodDiscussing food from different countriesPreparing a mealSuggesting a restaurant for lunchAdverb of sequence2 hours
Holidays and celebrationsInviting someone to a partyTalking with people at a partyTalking about a holiday or celebrationDiscussing holiday plansSpeaking: accepting an invitationSpeaking: using listener expressions, opening and closing a conversationFuture tenses2 hours
Money and buyingSaving and spending moneyChoosing a productMaking a purchaseReturning an item of clothing2 hours
Hobbies and interestsTalking about your free time activitiesWork-life balanceSpending time on hobbiesTalkingabout visuals
Talking about trends (verb tenses, adjectives and adverbs)
2 hours
EntertainmentDescribing entertainment options in your cityTalking about upcoming eventsWhat’s on TVSummarizing the main points
Making recommendations
Phrases for effective conclusions
Using your voice effectively (stressing words, making pauses)
2 hours
Describing peopleDescribing someone you knowDescribing relationshipsDescribing co-workersAdjectives on physical appearanceAdjectives on characters2 hours
MilestonesTalking about your lifeDiscussing important life eventsDiscuss about someone’s biographyPast tenses 2 hours
VacationsGetting information about a destinationDiscussing vacation plansSeeing someone offTimeGiving directionsPast tenses 2 hours
TravelTalking about flight arrangementsHelping someone get to a hotelDiscussing about past travelsRecommending a place to visitDescribing tourist destinations in your countryTimeGiving directionsPast tenses 2 hours
Telling storiesExplaining how you met someoneTalking about a good experienceTelling a story about a bad experienceSpeaking–telling a storySpeaking–using the narrative presentSpeaking–sentence stress 2 hours
MoviesTalking about a movie you recently saw
Describing your favorite movie
Choosing a movie to see
Commenting a movie
 2 hours
FashionTalking about people’s outfitsTalking about trends in fashionComplimenting people on their outfitsTalking about what you like to wear/fashion statement 2 hours
English for workDescribing an employee
Talking with your manager
Attending a meeting
 2 hours
HealthTalking about health and fitnessMaking a doctor’s appointmentTalking with the doctorSickness vocab 2 hours
Problems and solutionsExplaining a problemGiving your friend adviceSolving an employee problemProposing a solution to a work issue 2 hours
Business socializingMaking or responding to an invitation
Welcoming business guests
Attending a networking event
Making a business contact
Speaking: Intonation with tag questions
Speaking: Conversation management
Speaking: Making small talk
 2 hours
Games and SportsTalking about games
Explaining the rules of a game
Talking about popular games/sports in your country
 2 hours