The Business English General is a multi-level course, developed with the Financial Times. Topics are based on great interest for everyone involved in international business, while reflecting the latest trends in the business world (case studies). Whether you are in business or a student of business, this course will greatly improve your ability to communicate in English in a wide range of business situations, and develop the communication skills you need to succeed.

2 Hours for Private Classes | 2.5 Hours for Small Group | 3 Hours for Group Classes

Session 1

Discussion: Talk about your career plan, Texts: Listening: An interview with the Finance Director of a TV company, Reading: Facebook profile ‘could damage job prospects’– Telegraph, Language Work: Career moves, Modals 1: Ability, requests and offers, Skills: Telephoning: Making contact, Case study: YouJuice: Decide on the successful candidate for a job, Writing: E-mail

Session 2

Discussion: Talk about companies, Texts: Reading: Tata’s search for a new CEO – Financial Times, Is John Lewis the best company in Britain to work for? – Guardian, Listening: An interview with the CEO of a food company, Language Work: Describing companies, Present simple and present continuous, Skills: Presenting your company, Case study: Dino Conti Ice Cream: Decide on the best way to invest in a company’s future,
Writing: Proposal

Session 3

Discussion: Talk about shopping habits, Texts: Listening: An interview with the Director of Marketing of a TV shopping channel, Reading: Women on top in new sales industry survey – web article, Language Work: Making sales, Modals 2: must, need to, have to, should, Skills: Negotiating: Reaching agreement, Case study: A partnership agreement: Work on a proposed partnership between a jet charter company and a hotel group,
Writing: Letter
Progress Test 1

Session 4

Discussion: Discuss what makes a great idea, Texts: Listening: An interview with a researcher, Reading: Who needs translators? – web article, Safer cycling – web article, Going for gold – web article, Language Work: Verb and noun combinations, Past simple and past continuous, Skills: Successful meetings, Case study: The new attraction: Decide on the best idea for a new attraction,
Writing: Report

Session 5

Discussion: Discuss stressful situations and activities, Texts: Listening: An interview with the Director of Marketing at a health consultancy, Reading: Over half of business owners feel increasingly stressed – web article, Language Work: Stress in the workplace, Past simple and present perfect, Skills: Participating in discussions, Case study: Davies-Miller advertising: Suggest ways of reducing stress among staff,
Writing: Report

Session 6

Discussion: Discuss corporate entertaining, Texts: Listening: An interview with the Chief Executive of a corporate entertainment company, Reading: Interview with three corporate entertainment experts, Language Work: Eating and drinking, Multiword verbs, Skills: Socialising: Greetings and small talk, Case study: Organising a conference: Choose the location for a sales conference, Writing: E-mail
WORKING ACROSS CULTURES: Doing Business Internationally
Progress Test 2

Session 7

Discussion: Discuss new businesses and business sectors, Texts: Listening: Interviews with the CEO of a money-transfer company and the CEO of a food company, Reading: Internet whiz-kid’s discount idea makes billions in two years – Financial Times, Help with exports – Financial Times, Language Work: Economic terms, Time clauses, Skills: Dealing with numbers, Case study: Taka himizu Cycles:
Choose the location for a new factory, Writing: E-mail

Session 8

Discussion: Talk about the marketing mix and marketing campaigns, Texts: Listening: An interview with the European Marketing Manager of a pharmaceutical company, Reading: Adidas targets the Chinese interior – Financial Times, Language Work: Word partnerships, Questions, Skills: Telephoning, Exchanging information, Case study: Wincote International: Devise a plan to improve sales at an outdoor-clothing company, Writing: E-mail

Session 9

Discussion: Discuss how and when to plan, Texts: Listening: An interview with a business consultant and author, Reading: When there’s no Plan A – Financial Times, Language Work: Making plans, Talking about future plans, Skills: Meetings: Interrupting and clarifying,
Case study: European Press and Media Corporation: Plan a new issue of a magazine, Writing: Letter
WORKING ACROSS CULTURES: International Conference Calls
Progress Test 3

Session 10

Discussion: Discuss the qualities of a good manager, Texts: Listening: An interview with the author of a management book, Reading: Share the power – Financial Times, Language Work: Verbs and prepositions, Reported speech, Skills: Socialising and entertaining, Case study: Ashley Cooper Search Agency: Advise on improving staff relations at a property company, Writing: Report

Session 11

Discussion: Do a quiz on managing conflict, Texts: Listening: An interview with an expert in dispute resolution, Reading: Intervening quickly in cases of conflict – Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Language Work: Word-building, Conditionals, Skills: Negotiating: Dealing with conflict, Case study: Herman & Corrie Teas: Decide whether a company should accept a buy-out offer,
Writing: Letter

Session 12

Discussion: Discuss products, Texts: Listening: An interview with the editor of a news network, Reading: A path of salvation through innovation – Financial Times, Language Work: Describing products, Passives, Skills: Presenting a product, Case study: The George Marshall Awards: Choose the winner of a product-innovation competition, Writing: Report
WORKING ACROSS CULTURES: Preparing to Do Business Internationally
Progress Test 4

Session 13

Session 14

Session 15

Open Sessions
Participants will benefit from language work carried over from previous sessions, depending on their communication needs, and on the pace of the classes. Some key components may include: Q & A, Grammar work, Language usage, Pronunciation work, Speaking fluency, Discussion, Role Play,
Presentations, Video, or Writing