English Corner

English Corner provides a fun, secure, and active environment to explore and development English communication skills. It is designed on a mini workshop platform with the purpose of activating, and extending participants’ English communication skills. It is designed for mixed level participants who have had prior language education and need the opportunity to bridge the gap between language theory and language activation, as well as build vital confidence and further develop communication skills.

Sessions are 3 hours in duration and are held on a regular basis once a month. Each session consists of 3 stages:

Stage 1 – Language Input and Skill Development

This short preparation stage introduces the sessions activities, assigns teams, and introduces key language and skills which will be needed throughout the session

Stage 2 – Development and Activation Activities (Main Stage)

The main stage of the session is broken up into 15 minute activity rounds. Each activity is different and has a specific communication or language objective. Participants carry out the activities in groups and points are awarded according to set activity criteria. At the end of this stage accumulated team points are calculated and a ‘winning’ team is declared. Approximately 8 activities will be carried out during one sessions.

Stage 3 – Activity Consolidation and English Environment Monthly Plan

During the activity rounds the facilitator makes notes on important language issues which are discussed and reviewed in this stage. Participants also work together to create an action plan for developing English exposure and opportunity throughout the coming month within their office environment. The PIC during the month will be the winning team of the session.

Session Objectives:

  • Provide rich language input
  • Develop communication skills in a variety of areas
  • Provide a platform for exposure and opportunity
  • Develop Communicative Competence
  • Develop Confidence
  • Promote a Supportive ‘Team Learning’ Environment
  • Facilitate the reaction of monthly action plans for English integration
  • Review the success of prior monthly action plans


All activity sets are prepared by English today and participants receive handouts of the language and skill work.


English Corner is available in both a series of 6 (6 months / 18hrs) or 12 (1 year / 36 hrs) sessions.