Business English Online

Food Discussing food from different countriesPreparing a mealSuggesting a restaurant for lunch Adverb of sequence 2 hours
Holidays and celebrations Inviting someone to a partyTalking with people at a partyTalking about a holiday or celebrationDiscussing holiday plans Speaking: accepting an invitationSpeaking: using listener expressions, opening and closing a conversationFuture tenses 2 hours
Money and buying Saving and spending moneyChoosing a productMaking a purchaseReturning an item of clothing 2 hours
Hobbies and interests Talking about your free time activitiesWork-life balanceSpending time on hobbies Talkingabout visuals
Talking about trends (verb tenses, adjectives and adverbs)
2 hours
Entertainment Describing entertainment options in your cityTalking about upcoming eventsWhat’s on TV Summarizing the main points
Making recommendations
Phrases for effective conclusions
Using your voice effectively (stressing words, making pauses)
2 hours
Describing people Describing someone you knowDescribing relationshipsDescribing co-workers Adjectives on physical appearanceAdjectives on characters 2 hours
Milestones Talking about your lifeDiscussing important life eventsDiscuss about someone’s biography Past tenses  2 hours
Vacations Getting information about a destinationDiscussing vacation plansSeeing someone off TimeGiving directionsPast tenses  2 hours
Travel Talking about flight arrangementsHelping someone get to a hotelDiscussing about past travelsRecommending a place to visitDescribing tourist destinations in your country TimeGiving directionsPast tenses  2 hours
Telling stories Explaining how you met someoneTalking about a good experienceTelling a story about a bad experience Speaking–telling a storySpeaking–using the narrative presentSpeaking–sentence stress  2 hours
Movies Talking about a movie you recently saw
Describing your favorite movie
Choosing a movie to see
Commenting a movie
 2 hours
Fashion Talking about people’s outfitsTalking about trends in fashionComplimenting people on their outfitsTalking about what you like to wear/fashion statement  2 hours
English for work Describing an employee
Talking with your manager
Attending a meeting
 2 hours
Health Talking about health and fitnessMaking a doctor’s appointmentTalking with the doctor Sickness vocab  2 hours
Problems and solutions Explaining a problemGiving your friend adviceSolving an employee problemProposing a solution to a work issue  2 hours
Business socializing Making or responding to an invitation
Welcoming business guests
Attending a networking event
Making a business contact
Speaking: Intonation with tag questions
Speaking: Conversation management
Speaking: Making small talk
 2 hours
Games and Sports Talking about games
Explaining the rules of a game
Talking about popular games/sports in your country
 2 hours